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  1. Dirty Dog Shammy
    I bought a Dirty Dog Shammy at Pennypetz a couple of weeks ago and I can't tell you how much I love it! I have three large dogs and not only does it dry them quickly (and they go out and come in a lot!) , but they love it cos it's so soft and they keep coming back for more! Much better than a towel and washes easily. Great product! Maggie B
  2. Bully Sticks
    Bella sure does love her bully sticks and so does her mama! ;) Bella is a strong chewer and they keep her entertained for quite a while. Furthermore, I feel good about giving them to her because I know they help keep her teeth clean and strong and are 100% digestible and natural! Lisa P
  3. Bach Flower Remedies
    I have a 3 year old Portugese Water Dog, female, who became quite anxious, worried and nervous after our German Shepherd Dog . Without her protector she became over sensitive to any noise or movement and at times aggressive. After 3 days on specific Bach Flowers, she is not the same dog. She is no longer over reacting to stimuli. She is now gentle and confident within herself and our family. Loretta
  4. Sojos
    I was in a few weeks ago and you gave me the Sojos turkey sample for Tyson to try and he loves it! Thanks K. Meehan
  5. ThunderShirt
    I cannot believe it! Usually Chico has seizure like episodes and runs and cries during thunderstorms. But now I put on his thundershirt and he is instantly calm and doesn't get startled by any of the loud claps of thunder. Incredible! S. Clark
  6. Raw Fed Petunia
    My cat Petunia was switched to raw 3 years ago at 12 years old after being diagnosed with stage 1 kidney disease. We did blood work today and it's perfect! No sign of kidney problems at all. In fact, the vet couldn't believe that it was the blood work of a 15 year old cat. V. Frohloff