Your pet's health is often reflected in the condition of their skin and coat.  Many things can contribute to issues in this region but if you are feeding your pet a healthy diet and they are still having problems we have some extra care to help clean, salve and strengthen their coat and skin. 

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Just like humans, animals can suffer from aches and pains as they get older or just because they have some inherent issue that affects their movement.  
We have a wide range of supplements to help make those joints a little less painful including our Grizzly Oil, Omega Alpha and Naturpet ranges.

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Whether your pet is just naturally nervous or is particularly frightened by things like storms or fireworks we have a range of products that can help calm your pet.  A rested and less stressed pet leads to a happeir life.

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Sometimes your pet just needs a little help with their digestive system. It may be after an ilness, due to stress, age, or just 'one of those things'. 

We have supplements that aid general digestion, such as probiotics and enzymes,  and ones that help with specific issues.

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Our range of supplemts specific to infections and liver issues such as Animacare's Urinary Tract Formula or Naturpet's Livershield can help your pet have a more comfortable lifestyle and tackle short and long term problems.

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Some pets are prone to ear and eye infections due to their breed or age and need to be checked regularly.  Keeping their eyes and ears clear and clean is the biggest step you can take to avoid further problems. Try our cleaners, breath drops, tear stain removers and rescue solutions for healthy ears and eyes.

It is just as important to look after your pet's teeth as it is your own.  Along with regularly checking their teeth they should be cleaned and any issues dealt with as soon as possible to avoid pain and expensive dental care.

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Just like us, our pets benefit from a little extra help, whether this is to do with getting some extra vitamins, losing some weight, or general allover comfort. Browse our range of products or just ask us for some advice on what would be best for your pet.

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